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"Слабые люди всю жизнь стараются быть не хуже других. Сильным во что бы то ни стало нужно стать лучше всех." Борис Акунин ©

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Imagine if you switched it out for whites instead and put #whitelivesmatter OP would be called racist

And this comment perfectly encapsulated the reason for these riots will continuing. You don’t know how to be the better person, just like those cops.

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Why are you defending people who shot and killed an innocent man?

Lol, are you for real? Of course not.

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Looters literally killed a guy who tried to stop them from stealing TVs. Fuck looters.

Cops won’t outgun a militia. They’re already having trouble fighting back with tear gas, mace, and rubber bullets against people who are unarmed.

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Yes they will lol. And the militia would shit their pants as soon as they started getting shot. A militia group vs SWAT will result in a lot of dead militia members and maybe one or two SWAT

They were throwing water bottles at the police. It wasn’t peaceful

Notice how it’s almost all Democrat cities where the police are abusing power? Says a lot.

It’s not inappropriate at all, it’s completely true, and that doesn’t suddenly change.

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Even if they’re faking it you can’t be too sure. What if they’re not? Is that a risk police should take? If somebody is saying they can’t breathe it should be taken into consideration

This is what bothers me about the smattering of feel-good «Cops join protesters and sing kumbaya!» articles we’ve had during all of this.


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Going by this logic, literally everything good thing cops do will be propaganda.

Yes let’s continue to stand there and allow the cops to shoot us and do nothing about it… That mentality is why no real progress has been made.

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You’re actively going against the peaceful protesters by encouraging violence. George Floyd’s own brother is telling people rioting isn’t the way. You can’t protest against violence and then go use violence, it’s hypocritical. If you’re going to these peaceful protests to start violence, you’re part of the problem.

All cops are corrupt, they’re either actively corrupt or letting the corruption happen.

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Fuck off with this rhetoric. There ARE police speaking out against shit like this. And you don’t know what goes on behind the scenes. They could very well be reporting the bad police. That doesn’t mean the bad police will face consequences, but you’re assuming they aren’t doing anything about bad cops. Also you do realize cops work shifts like normal people right? Which means they may never even see or interact with other police in the department. They may never know about that bad cop who works on a different shift than them. Ignorance doesn’t mean guilt. If all cops are bad then what do you suggest the alternative be? Not having any police? No thanks.

And yet the only thing worse than Trump are the spineless police that followed that order without hesitation.

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Probably because Trump would make sure anyone disobeying the order gets fucked over, I wouldn’t put it behind him.

Funny how Trump tries to mane people think he’s a Christian but what Christian values dies he uphold? He lies a lot, which is a sin. He doesn’t show love to his enemies, which the Bible says to do. He doesn’t forgive. And he also encourages violence.

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