McDonalds Sells Questionable New Spam & Oreo Burger In China

"Жизнь — игра. Всё зависит от тебя, твои идеи, твои мысли. Нужно только подняться с дивана и идти вперед, пусть медленно, но к вершине!" Фредди Меркьюри ©

McDonald’s is serving a burger like sandwich made of Spam with crushed Oreo cookies in their Chinese locations and this new flavor is turning heads worldwide. Sometimes global brands sell specific foods or items to appeal to local customers and it seems to be working in China. “I thought it was delicious,” said a comment from Feifei Mao Enthusiast on Sina Weibo, a microblog service. “Is that because I love McDonald’s too deeply? Or is something wrong with my taste?” The sandwich is comprised of two slices of Spam, Oreo cookies and is topped with mayonnaise. The Spam is a product of Hormel and …

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