Mark Bradley: In Terry Fontenot, the Falcons have found their leader

"Что разум человека может постигнуть и во что он может поверить, того он способен достичь." Наполеон Хилл ©

It has, goodness knows, been hard to take the Falcons seriously. They’ve been to two Super Bowls and messed up both. They’ve hired coaches who were gimmick guys (Jerry Glanville) and slogan guys (Dan Quinn). They often act as if they know everything, but somehow they don’t know the rule about onside kicks. Over the breadth of their history, they’ve been an easy punchline. That just changed. They now have Terry Fontenot as their general manager. He’s a star. He’s the sort of person who’d have succeeded at whatever he tried – twice Tuesday he invoked the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr.’s Street Swee…

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