"Не опускай руки, ибо рискуешь сделать это за минуту до того, как произойдёт чудо." Амели Нотомб ZM
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  • marcs4404e432c commented on LGBTQ People, Tell Us The Unique Way You Met Your Significant Other

    My wife and I both worked at Walmart. She transferred in to work while she went to the local college. At first I was pissed I was going to have to train someone knew; obviously I didn’t know she was a transfer. We flirted for a few weeks and then eventually went out. Before we got


  • marcs4404e432c commented on What Ignorant Comments Have People Made About Your Mental Illness?

    If you would just accept your body you would be happy. Re: gender dysphoria

    I was happy yesterday and sad today. I’m so bipolar.

    The weather is so bipolar (just because it was cold yesterday and hot today).

    You just have to pull yourself up by the bootstraps. Said by my mom when


  • marcs4404e432c commented on How Did Your Family Pay For You To Go To College?

    My mom didn’t pay for my college. I had to go into debt. It never crossed my mother’s mind to pay for me to go to college but she always planned on me going. I want better for my children so I am trying desperately to get a job at a college so they can get a discount.

  • marcs4404e432c commented on How Did Coming Out As LGBTQ+ Change Your Life For The Better?

    I came out as a teenager and that didn’t go over well. My mom denied me being me and it caused depression. Years later I came out again and it was the best thing I could do. Being true to myself lifted my depression. And it was so great to be able to go through the journey with my


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