Mahesa Jenar Takes Charge of Group A

"Успех должен измеряться не столько положением, которого человек достиг в жизни, сколько теми препятствиями, которые ему пришлось преодолеть на пути к успеху." Букер Т. Вашингтон ©

PSIS Semarang have taken a good one step closer to the 2021 Menpora Cup quarterfinals after winning their Matchweek 2 game on Thursday. The Mahesa Jenar took charge of Group A after a confident performance against Persikabo 1973 at the Manahan Stadium that saw them win 3-1, with youngsters Farrel Arya and Pratama Arhan as well as experienced midfielder Fandi Eko Utomo among the goals. Having blown a 3-goal lead in their Matchweek 1 draw with Barito Putera, PSIS found themselves once again going 3-0 up in this match although in a somewhat less-emphatic fashion compared to before. The 3-3 draw w…

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