Madeline Lauzon

"Не будем пытаться понять друг друга, чтобы друг друга не возненавидеть." Станислав Ежи Лец ZM
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  • Madeline Lauzon commented on What’s Your Favorite Acting Performance That Wasn’t Nominated For An Oscar?

    John Gallagher Jr and Brie Larson for Short Term 12. It’s such a phenomenal film that paved the way for so many others. It deals with grief, depression, anxiety, and isolation all while we try to help others. Also a shout out to Lakeith Stanfield, Kaitlyn Dever, and Rami Malek in


  • Madeline Lauzon commented on Let’s Find Out If Your First Date Opinions Are Normal Or Controversial

    I think whoever does the asking out pays for the date. Screw gender, the initiator should always pay

  • Madeline Lauzon commented on What’s A «Trashy» Song That’s Actually A Straight-Up Masterpiece?

    Cotton Eyed Joe, hands down. It’s just pure joy and ridiculousness. I play it on every jukebox i can find and joke about walking down the aisle to it. At this point, my friends and family have just accepted it as a permanent character flaw.

  • Madeline Lauzon commented on Show Us Your Best Movie Or TV-Themed Halloween Costume

    Went as “Sexy Kuzco” from The Emperors New Groove. All it takes is a little art foam, glue, and a red silk robe ??

  • Madeline Lauzon commented on Which Bisexual TV And Movie Characters Did Hollywood Get Right?

    Alice on the L Word — she’s complex, flawed, and hilarious, and her sexuality ebbs and flows

  • Madeline Lauzon commented on 19 Things Brie Larson Appeared In Before «Captain Marvel»

    Does no one know the brilliance of Short Term 12???

  • Madeline Lauzon commented on What Lie That Your Parents Told You Did You Believe Up Until Adulthood?

    My dad convinced me that the U.S. Mint was using cheaper metal to make nickels and they were only worth 4 cents instead of 5 ??‍♀️

  • Madeline Lauzon commented on Hey Restaurant Workers, Which Customers Get On Your Nerves The Most?

    The interrupt you in the middle of your complicated spiel, start debating their order amongst themselves but keep you at the table since “they’re just gonna throw a couple things in” an then proceed to ask you questions about the menu items they wouldn’t let you describe in the first


  • Madeline Lauzon commented on What Underrated Rom-Com Do You Really Love?

    Going the Distance — it has everything you want in a romantic comedy. It’s not too mushy, has laugh out loud moments, and is seriously relatable for anyone who’s done long distance. Plus Charlie Day talks about baby pigeons.

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