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Hello u/quasi199 ,

thank you for submitting to r/agedlikemilk. Unfortunately, your submission «My parents said hilary clinton will be president» has been removed because it violates the following rules:

Rule V. Content must be fitting for the sub.

The subject of your submission has to have ironically and unfortunately not withstood the test of time. Someone or something physically ageing poorly isn’t what the subreddit is about. Overt opinion pieces also won’t meet the criteria of the subreddit.

E.g: Posting a picture of a movie that you didn’t enjoy? Loose fit.

Posting an excerpt from the director telling us it’s going to be the best movie of the decade yet turned out to be a critical failure? Good fit.

Read the sidebar rules and guidelines, and if you still feel this was done in error, please Contact the mods here.

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