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"Не будем пытаться понять друг друга, чтобы друг друга не возненавидеть." Станислав Ежи Лец ZM
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Ok. So that’s a completely different thing from what I said, But in any case what would you want? For cars to be going 50 miles an hour everywhere? It’s a small town, and there’s plenty of room on the roads. It makes sense to build bike lanes. What I said, though, is just sticking an outlet on poles. It wouldn’t be putting more cars on the road. Also, I’m sure that Mayor Ballah would be all for making electric cars more accessible in this town. The 21st century regarding cars tends to be leaning more towards pedestrians and bikers, that’s the trend. So, what you are saying is really more of “if someone else gets elected then we can move back to the good old days when cars completely ruled the roads”

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