Links We Love: 05/18/19

"Счастья не становится меньше, когда им делишься." Будда ©

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In happier news about iconic Paris monuments, The Eiffel Tower celebrates its 130 birthday this week. Jasper White’s photography project «Tour Eiffel» explores how it anchors the world to Paris through at the intimate views of the tower Parisians have from their homes. I can’t wait to order a copy of the book once released. — California, editorial intern

Festival-goers may think their Burning Man exists in an alternate and utopian version of reality. But there’s one way it’s all too real: Sexual assaults that happen there are woefully under-reported. Salon investigates the dark side of life on the Playa. – Pavia, CEO

Despite the stack of un-read New Yorker magazines in my apartment, I still find time here and there for The Tokyoiter Instagram feed, a Japanese-style tribute to the iconic mag’s illustrated covers. – Jeralyn, editorial director

Food stylist, photographer, and author Melina Hammer is hosting a cooking workshop on June 15 at her Hudson Valley bed and breakfast, Catbird Cottage. Learn how to throw a seamless and memorable dinner party for your friends and family by mastering various tried and true techniques of the host, along with a few cocktail how-tos before feasting on the day’s lessons. – Berit, senior editor

Links We Love: 05/18/19
Photo courtesy of Hotel Storfjord.
Links We Love: 05/18/19
Photo courtesy of Hotel Union Øye.

This summer I’m doing something I put on my to-do list when I was 16: I’m going to Norway to see the fjords. The itineraary is still coming together (I’m a last-minute planner), but will include nights at several 62° Nord Hotels, including Storfjord Hotel and Hotel Union Øye because, I mean, just look at those pictures. — Pavia

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