Links We Love: 04/20/19

"Если бы я спрашивал, чего хотят люди, они до сих пор ездили бы на повозках." Генри Форд ©

In honor of Earth Day, I’ll be visiting some of the most incredible landscapes in America … through Google Arts & Culture. Their high-res digital series, The Hidden World of National Parks, follows rangers on a journey to places most people never go. – Jeralyn, editorial director

I watched Notre Dame burn with a mix of horror and sadness (and was relieved to learn that the fire wasn’t the result of nefarious behavior). Our contributor in Paris, handbag designer Kasia Dietz, wrote a beautiful paean to the church she calls «the heart of Paris.» – Pavia, CEO

A magical, immortal «tree of life» really does exist. — California, intern

Our friends at The Assemblage are leading a service trip to Morocco from May 18-25 in partnership with impact travel organizers 109 World. The eight-day trip ($2,690) includes all meals, daily meditation, breath work, and self-reflection exercises, luxurious accommodation at Riad Star in Marrakesh and Erg Chigaga Desert Camp in the Sahara, and three days of work with local partners, including The Henna Café in Marrakech, an arts and education center offering free, high-quality classes to Moroccan students. – Daniel, editor

Great Jones Spa has been my go-to for a splurgy massage ever since I was given a gift certificate there years ago, but lately I’ve been coveting a treatment at Tribeca’s Shibui Spa, a quiet oasis in the basement of The Greenwich Hotel. There’s a swimming pool, private yoga and pilates lessons, and a modern-day onsen vibe that appeals to my Japanophilia. – Berit, senior editor

Hotels in states where recreational marijuana is legal have jumped on the cannabis train. Look no further than The Standard L.A., which has its own in-house dispensary (of sorts). – Daniel

When traveling alone, a worry for most is «who will I eat dinner with? And will it be awkward to sit alone?» (We’ve all been there). The New York Times has answers in their guide to making friends while traveling solo. – California

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Links We Love: 04/20/19
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