Kristen Bell ‘learned everything’ about Dax Shepard in lockdown

"Успех — это способность идти от поражения к поражению, не теряя оптимизма." Уинстон Черчилль ©

Kristen Bell has «learned everything» about Dax Shepard in lockdown. The ‘Frozen’ star admits it has been great spending the coronavirus pandemic with her husband as it has allowed the couple to learn more about one other. She said: «We’ve learned everything about each other because we haven’t been able to leave! The main thing I’ve learned is something I learned from Glennon Doyle, which is that we just need to give each other grace under circumstances. Everyone’s proclivities are kind of bubbling over because we’re all caged in with each other. Dax and I, when we started this pandemic, were …

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