Knicks cough up 13-point lead in third quarter, fall to Utah Jazz for third straight loss

"Два самых важных дня в твоей жизни: день, когда ты появился на свет, и день, когда понял, зачем." Марк Твен ©

Austin Rivers was briefly incredible and Donovan Mitchell was miserable throughout. But the Knicks still managed to get blown out Tuesday by the Jazz, 108-94. Rivers’ shooting hand was aflame in the first half. His heat checks kept coming up positive. But after hitting his first 10 shots for 25 points in 12 minutes, including five from beyond the arc, the backup guard was subbed out and never scored again. The Jazz (13-4), the league’s hottest team, capitalized on Rivers’ extended absence by erasing a 13-point deficit in the third quarter. Utah then dominated the fourth quarter for its ninth s…

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