"Никогда не делает ошибок только тот, кто не пробует ничего нового." Альберт Эйнштейн ZM
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  • Katching2 commented on We Want To Know Which Movies Or TV Shows Got Queer Couples Right, And Which Ones Did Them Dirty

    Nomi and Amanita from Sense8. That first love scene between them!! WHEW! They are so sexy and raw. They are extremely loving and accepting of one another. And being from the Bay Area, I love that they’re in San Francisco! Not to mention the show itself is a beautiful display of radical


    6 days ago

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  • Katching2 commented on Did You Get A Letter From Trump About Your Coronavirus Stimulus Check? Tell Us What You Think.

    I got the letter a million years after I got the check. Why in God’s name would either of these pieces of paper change what I think about our ballsack president

    15 days ago

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  • Katching2 commented on Kylie Jenner Was Photographed In Quarantine And OMG, She Looks So Different

    The fact that homegirl is walking and driving barefoot should be OBVIOUS. This some Huite girl shit.

    1 month ago

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  • Katching2 commented on 15 Husbands I Can’t Even Be Mad At Because At Least They Tried

    I’m sorry, throw all these husbands away. He ain’t yo son. You not his mama. Mm-mm. No.

    1 month ago

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  • Katching2 commented on 28 Things People Under 15 Won’t Believe Millennials Had To Suffer Through

    #1 is incorrect. The example you provided: “4433999” is called “multi tapping” texting. T9 is predictive text, where you’d just have to press “439” and your cell phone would predict that you want to say “hey.” I can’t with Buzzfeed sometimes. I swear you used to have a smarter staff


    1 month ago

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  • Katching2 commented on Sorry, If You’re Under 40 There’s No Way You’ll Pass This Quiz

    I’m 31.

    2 months ago

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  • Katching2 commented on Kim Kardashian Gave Us A Brief Look At Her Bathroom Balcony And It’s Just Another Ridiculous Detail About Her House That Has Me Feeling Poor

    InstAllation? Do they not have editors at Buzzfeed?

    4 months ago

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