Just 17 Clever, Silly, And Incredibly Heartwarming Things People Are Doing In Quarantine This Week

"Никогда нельзя знать заранее, как впоследствии обернутся обстоятельства." Артур Конан Дойл ZM
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You look like you could use a smile today.


This family who planned a joyful graduation:

Quarantine graduations still goin up! Congrats brother @IAM_RLA and thanks to everyone who helped! 🙏🏾 #quarantinegraduation #Quarantine


These caring neighbors who baked this 88-year-old man cupcakes for his birthday because he was all alone:


This girl who creatively redid the opening theme of Vanderpump Rules:

My BFF @k_mackenbrock is killing it in quarantine. After this is over, she is ready for a job at SUR. @HeatherMcDonald @LisaVanderpump @stassi @MusicKillsKate @kristendoute @BNCartwright


This dad who built an incredible slide out of Home Depot boxes:


This mom who is living the good life:


This girl who got to experience a delightful quarantine prom in her boyfriend’s decked out garage:

And then his mom took me home and said the rest of the family wanted to see me. My boyfriend’s family surprised me with the most amazing quarantine prom. Thanks for making my night special since I didn’t have a senior prom❤️😭 @colinscherry


And this dad who built a bench and a pool for outdoor critters:


This special Mother’s Day surprise:


This bride-to-be who received the most wholesome celebration:

Surprise drive by shower for nurse Molly the bride to be! 👩🏼‍⚕️➡️👰🏼 #quarantine #SomeGoodNews @johnkrasinski


These friends who channeled all their creative energy into re-creating Harry Potter on a broom:


This guy who threw his dog and cat a little wedding:


This recent graduate who had no way to celebrate her achievement, so she decided to let the outside world help her:


This neighborhood who helped this girl celebrate her birthday in quarantine:


This girl who got a clever «filler» graduation gift until the real one comes:

I asked for a hammock for my graduation, it didn’t get delivered yet so they gave me this… it’s my “quarantine hammock”


This father-to-be who popped the question during his now-fiancé’s baby shower:


This girl who brought the restaurant to her mom, aunt, and grandmothers:

So today, I planned this beautiful dinner for my mother, aunt & grandmothers. It was to still give them a restaurant vibe while we celebrate Mother’s Day 2020 in quarantine. Happy Mother’s Day to my favorite women!💛 I appreciate everything y’all do for me.


And finally, this adorable quarantine graduation surprise:

What my brother is gonna wake up to in the morning. Happy quarantine college graduation, brudder. Ya did college 👏🏻

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