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"Смерть есть одна из иллюзий слабого человеческого разума. Ее нет, потому что существование атома в неорганической материи не отмечается памятью и временем, последнего как бы нет. Множество же существований атома в органической форме сливаются в одну субъективно непрерывную и счастливую жизнь — счастливую, так как иной нет." Константин Циолковский ZM
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First, please send me your information to jon.freier@t-mobile.com and I’ll get your info to Callie for follow-up. I’m not familiar with your specific environment, but I know Callie will follow up asap. We take everyone’s well-being incredibly seriously. It’s not BS. Find any other large company where my position is on here interacting on Reddit. You won’t. We do care.

Second, just the opposite is true on the stores. Not one penny is being saved here. All the rent is still due. All the employees are being paid. We’re encountering the loss of customers and revenue by shutting down 80% of the fleet, but we’re not thinking about that right now because we’re trying to serve this country in the middle of a national emergency. We needed to do that in order to ensure a safe and healthy working environment (cleaning supplies are in short supply and we needed to conserve before we ran out across 5K+ TMO stores) AND we need to maintain an essential number of stores to serve the public interest. The U.S. Department of Homeland Security has designed wireless retail stores as critical infrastructure, and we’re maintaining that critical and essential service within a 30 minute maximum drive from anywhere we serve.

People were screaming at me all weekend over the stores being opened. Look it up. Now you’re saying we’ve somehow closed the stores saving money. Not true.

That aside, I’m here to help you. Please let me know. Look me up in Outlook. You can text me too.


Jon Freier Executive Vice President, T-Mobile Consumer

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