Julia Reinstein

"Когда весь мир настроен против вас, вспомните, что самолет взлетает не по ветру, а против него." Генри Форд ZM
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  • Um repórter negro da CNN e sua equipe foram presos ao vivo durante os protestos em Mineapolis

    As três pessoas que se identificaram como sendo da mídia foram soltas após o governador interver.

  • A Woman In A Car Attempted To Run A Man Over At A George Floyd Protest In Denver

    After trying to drive through the protest, the driver swerved directly at a young black man, knocking him to the ground.

  • A Black CNN Reporter And His Crew Were Arrested Live On Air At The Minneapolis Protests

    The three people, who repeatedly identified themselves as members of the media, were later released after the governor intervened.

  • Gabby Giffords’ Group Condemned Trump For Sharing A Video Saying «The Only Good Democrat Is A Dead Democrat»

    Giffords was almost killed by a gunman in 2011 when she was a Democrat representing Arizona in Congress.

  • Police Have Captured The Connecticut Student Accused Of Killing Two People

    “The suspect will face justice, and this will bring closure,” Trooper First Class Christine Jeltema said. “This is what is important to the families of the victims.”

  • Three People Were Shot By A Gunman Who Called Himself An Incel, Authorities Said

    One woman could be seen pleading with the gunman and saying she had already been hit.

  • Pour One Out For Caribou Coffee, Whose Drink Sleeves Are Hilariously Inappropriate For The Pandemic

    A spokesperson for the coffee company confirmed to BuzzFeed News it’s asking staffers to sort through and discard some sleeves that aren’t exactly quarantine-appropriate.

  • The Department Of Justice Is Investigating Ahmaud Arbery’s Killing As A Possible Federal Hate Crime

    The DOJ is also considering an investigation into Georgia officials’ handling of the case.

  • A 29-Year-Old People Magazine Staffer Who Loved Dogs, Tea, And Taylor Swift Died Of The Coronavirus

    “I feel like Alison truly lived her dream and in her 29 years accomplished more than any of us will if we live to 100.»

  • A 21-Year-Old Made Viral TikToks About Why You Shouldn’t Stan Kim Jong Un’s Sister — Even As A Joke

    «I did not know this needed to be said until today, but can y’all not stan possible next-in-line dictators, please?»