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"Как только сами поверите, так и реальность поверит. И вот тогда случится чудо." Вадим Зеланд ZM
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  • NYC Is No Longer The Epicenter Of The United States’ Coronavirus Epidemic

    As the US surpasses 100,000 COVID-19 deaths, these charts show how the NYC metro area has changed its trajectory.

  • Political Operatives Are Faking Voter Outrage With Millions Of Made-Up Comments To Benefit The Rich And Powerful

    A fierce battle over the regulation of the internet was riddled with millions of fake comments in the most prolific known instance of political impersonation in US history.

  • Grading The 2016 Election Forecasts

    Now that the Michigan has finally named an official winner, here’s a detailed look at what went wrong — and right — among high-profile predictions.

  • We Trained A Robot To Write Like Tom Friedman

    To mark the 20th anniversary of Friedman’s New York Times column, BuzzFeed has trained a robot to write like him.

  • These Are The Trumpiest Congressional Districts in America

    In these 15 House districts, the Trump wave is no fluke.

  • We’re Sharing A Vast Trove Of Federal Payroll Records

    The data, obtained by BuzzFeed News via the Freedom of Information Act, covers more than 40 years of U.S. government employment. You can download and start exploring it today.

  • Trump Winery Is Trying To Hire 23 More Foreign Guest Workers

    Businesses owned by Donald Trump or bearing his name have now sought to hire more than 600 foreign guest workers since he launched his presidential campaign.

  • A Trump-Branded Resort Wants To Hire 37 More Foreign Workers

    Since Donald Trump launched his presidential campaign in June 2015, businesses owned by him or bearing his name have sought to hire more than 570 foreign guest workers.

  • How Well Do You Remember Last August?

    We’ve unleashed a Wikipedia-mining, quiz-making franken-robot on the encyclopedia’s August 2013 current events page. Without any human intervention, it has plucked out important bits from the 100 event descriptions below, and jumbled them with three plausible(ish) replacements. Can you beat the bot?

  • The Trump Winery Wants To Hire More Foreign Guest Workers

    The Virginia vineyard is owned by Eric Trump, although Donald Trump has previously told reporters that he owns it.