Jennifer Lopez Just Explained Who That Mystery Photo Bomber Was In Her Selfie, So Now I Can Sleep At Night Again

"Не имеет значения, что думают другие – поскольку они в любом случае что-нибудь подумают." Пауло Коэльо ZM

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I’m glad we know the truth.

So remember a few days ago when Jennifer Lopez shared this 🔥🔥🔥 selfie?

And then a bunch of fans noticed a mysterious figure wearing a mask* lurking in the background, and we were all sure she was living in some horror film?

*Maybe it wasn’t a mask, maybe it was his hand covering his mouth, which, TBH is even creepier.

Well, the 50-year-old just explained what was really going on and, though still odd, it’s much less sinister than our imaginations would’ve led us to believe.

“That was a Zoom!” J.Lo told Jimmy Fallon during her appearance on his show.


“So imagine, I’m back there working out, because where we have the Zoom setup is right by our garage. And we didn’t have a gym in the house, so we have a bench and a few weights, and I have my rehearsal mirrors back there for dance rehearsals in the garage. So now, they’re behind [me].”


“I don’t know what he was doing, if he was sneezing or coughing… It was some real estate guy that Alex was on Zoom with,” she concluded.


Well folks, there you have it! I’m glad it was something normal because that pic gave me goosies and not in a good way. Anyway, glad that’s all cleared up! Now back to your original programming.


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