It Sounds Unlikely, But These 12 Questions Will Accurately Determine Your Love Language

"Лишь тот достоин жизни и свободы, Кто каждый день за них идёт на бой!" И. Гете ZM

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How do you express and receive love?

  1. Hanging out with my friends

    Talking through it with a friend

    Having someone cook dinner for me

    Getting a big hug from someone I love

  2. Big hugs from all of my loved ones

    Receiving lots and lots of birthday cards

    Someone making my bed and doing all my chores for the week

    I don’t care about gifts; I just wanna hang out with my friends and family

    Getting a very special and personal birthday gift

  3. I’m not the best at communicating

  4. Going to a bar for some drinks and pool

    Staying in and watching a movie

    A fancy, candlelit dinner

    Going to some sort of live show

  5. If my date is rude to the waiter

    If my date constantly checks their phone

    If my date «isn’t the cuddly type»

    If my date doesn’t like the restaurant I’ve chosen

  6. My partner criticizes me in a nonconstructive way

    My partner forgets my birthday, anniversary, date night, etc.

    My partner doesn’t make me a priority

    I don’t see my partner for long periods of time

    My partner isn’t being intimate with me

  7. Two tickets to see my favorite band

  8. Not being the best at something

    Someone I love forgets my birthday

    My significant other doesn’t want to kiss me

    One of my friends avoids me

    Not being helped when I am clearly struggling

  9. When someone special remembers the little things I say

    When someone special gives me a massage

    When someone special makes me breakfast in bed

    When someone special gets me that gift I’ve always wanted

    When someone special is comfortable just cuddling up with me and watching a movie

  10. When I’m positively reassured by someone

    When I can just chill out on the couch with someone I love

    When I cuddle with someone I love before bed

    When someone I love gives me a present that they know will make me smile

  11. «No matter how busy you are, if you really care, you will find the time for someone.»

    “A true relationship is two imperfect people refusing to give up on each other.”

    «Every day, love is a choice.»

    «Affection is always greater than perfection.»

    “At the end of the day, you can focus either on what’s tearing you apart or on what’s keeping you together.”

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