Is Your Best Friend Really Your Best Friend?

"Оптимизм - это доктрина, утверждающая, что все прекрасно, включая безобразное, все хорошо, особенно плохое, и все правильно, в том числе неправильное… Доктрина эта передается по наследству, однако, к счастью, не заразна." Амброз Бирс ZM
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May 26, 2020

Best friends are hard to find!

by goldensnitch13

Community Contributor

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Oh no! You’re sick and have to stay home from school/work. What does your friend do?

Do you tell your friend everything?

Does you friend know your birthday?

What’s one word your friend would use to describe you?

You think they are:

How much do they share about themselves with you?

Have you ever planned a roadtrip or vacay with your friend?

And lastly, have you two ever spent the night together?

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