Iran: Yet another nuclear bungle?

"Успех должен измеряться не столько положением, которого человек достиг в жизни, сколько теми препятствиями, которые ему пришлось преодолеть на пути к успеху." Букер Т. Вашингтон ©

The self-esteem of two-year-olds and nation states is too fragile for them to admit they were wrong, which makes it hard for them to move on from blunders. That’s why the toys don’t get picked up and the broken treaties don’t get fixed, and why there may be a tantrum (in the case of two-year-olds) or a nuclear war (in the case of the United States and Iran). The latter contingency is implausible, but there is a bipartisan effort in the United States to make it more likely. Until a few weeks ago it was widely believed that a Biden administration would move fast to repair the damage Donald Trump…

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