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"Знания недостаточно, необходимо применение. Желания недостаточно, необходимо действие." Брюс Ли ©

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These assholes I’m completely fine with getting batoned.

Or maybe she got hit by something being thrown? Police officer applying first aid as well. Keep on thinking whatever keeps your little redditor’s dicks stiff.

Check out the making of Full Metal Jacket which has the principal actors. The only bad thing they say is that he is a tyrant but they would come back and work with him anytime.

You can buy the boy ray off of Criterion. It’s like $40-$50

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Not anymore:. I’d be willing to part with my copy of the criterion for $600

And then realizing that Bleach is the better album.

Read the book. It’s even better. Elmore Leonard was the bomb.

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I saw Jackie Brown when it came out and I never liked Jackie Brown even though I watched it several times but I loved all of his other movies. Then I read the book a while ago and I’m so much wanting to revisit this movie!

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