If You’ve Done More Than 20 Of These Things, You’re Thirsty AF While Quarantined

"Ни разу не упасть — не самая большая заслуга в жизни. Главное каждый раз подниматься." Нельсон Мандела ©
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  • Searched through your crush’s Instagram and Facebook to investigate if they’re single

    Slid into your quarantine crush’s DMs

    Followed someone on social media just because they’re hot

    Used dating apps even though you can’t go on physical dates yet

    Had an awkward FaceTime date

    Swiped right on someone you know IRL

    Posted thirst traps on Instagram and/or Twitter

    DM’d someone who liked your thirst trap

    DM’d a reality star from a dating show

    Participated in the Shampoo Challenge

    Received a nude pic from an ex

    Masturbated every day of quarantine

    Masturbated more than once in a day

    Masturbated more than 3 times in a day

    Know what “demon time” means

    Gotten turned on watching a movie or TV show that wasn’t porn

    Gotten turned on watching a cartoon

    Spent too much money buying sex toys online

    Had sex with a roommate you weren’t romantically involved with before

    Had dirty thoughts about Andrew Cuomo

    Had dirty thoughts about both of the Cuomo brothers

    Debated whether you’d have sex with Joe Exotic

    Started seeing inanimate objects in a new light

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