If You’ve Done Even 7/32 Of These Things In The Age Of Coronavirus, Grocery Workers Hate You

"Жизнь — игра. Всё зависит от тебя, твои идеи, твои мысли. Нужно только подняться с дивана и идти вперед, пусть медленно, но к вершине!" Фредди Меркьюри ZM
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  • Gone to the store with multiple people when you could’ve gone alone.

    Gotten into an employee’s personal space to ask them a question.

    Ignored markers on the floor that encourage social distancing in lines.

    Not paid attention to social distancing at all.

    Come to the store without a mask on, if you live in an area where masks are mandated.

    Gone to the store even though you felt sick.

    Gave unsolicited medical advice to a store employee.

    Went to the store «just to get out of the house.»

    Ditched your mask or rubber gloves in a cart instead of throwing them away.

    Told an employee they were «lucky» to have a job right now.

    Complained about items being out of stock.

    Asked an employee to «check in the back» when something was out of stock.

    Complained about having to touch the credit card keypad to complete your transaction.

    Attempted to sanitize the keypad before using it.

    Gotten into an argument with another customer about hard-to-find items.

    Complained about the store’s new hours.

    Tried to come into the store after they were closed.

    Tried to come into the store before they were open.

    Bought way more toilet paper than you needed.

    Bought way more hand sanitizer than you needed.

    Complained about store limits on how much TP/hand sanitizer you could buy.

    Paid in cash when you could have paid with a card.

    Called the store’s new precautions an «overreaction» or «unnecessary.»

    Yelled at an employee for something out of their control.

    Ignored rules about special shopping hours for the elderly or immunocompromised.

    Coughed or sneezed without properly covering your mouth with your elbow.

    Asked a bagger or cashier to touch the reusable bags you brought from home.

    Inspected produce with your hands that you didn’t end up buying.

    Touched anything at all that you didn’t end up buying.

    Complained about long lines.

    Complained about big crowds.

    Asked to speak to a manager about your complaints.

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