If You’ve Done 30/46 Of These Things I Regret To Inform You That You Are Lazy

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  • Texted someone when you were in the same place because you didn’t want to walk to where they were.

    Gone to sleep without brushing your teeth.

    Waited to take out the trash until your entire house smelled and the trash can was overflowing.

    Taken the elevator/escalator instead of taking the stairs.

    Driven somewhere you could have walked to in less than ten minutes.

    Let the dishes pile up in your sink for days without washing.

    Held your pee in for a really long time because you didn’t want to get up to go to the bathroom.

    Pushed stuff off your bed onto the floor instead of putting it away.

    Wiped something off the floor with your foot.

    Not used a measuring cup to cook and just guessed you were using the right amounts.

    Left clean clothes in the dryer for days to avoid folding them.

    Left mail in your mailbox to the point where new mail didn’t fit anymore.

    Gotten food delivered even though you had a fully stocked fridge.

    Eaten out of a mug because you didn’t have clean bowls.

    Eaten cold leftovers because you didn’t feel like heating them up.

    Made ramen in the microwave instead of boiling water.

    Put your hair in a ponytail because it was easier than brushing it.

    Gone to sleep without taking your makeup off.

    Woken up in yesterday’s makeup and worn it for the day.

    Gone to sleep in your clothes.

    Worn the same clothes two days in a row because you weren’t going to see the same people.

    Procrastinated something important you had to do.

    Gotten food delivered instead of going to the grocery store.

    Taken an elevator to go up/down one floor.

    Snoozed your alarm more than once in the morning.

    Not changed the channel on your TV because you didn’t want to get up to get the remote.

    Worn the same four outfits on rotation because you didn’t feel like digging through the rest of your closet.

    Gone more than one week without washing your hair.

    Let your plants die because you didn’t make the effort to water them.

    Worn a hat because you haven’t washed your hair.

    Worn an unwashed bra for weeks.

    Shouted to get someone’s attention from across the room instead of walking over to them.

    Eaten off a cutting board to avoid an additional dirty dish.

    Kept a pile of trash at your desk or bed instead of walking to a trash can.

    Left a light on all night because you were too lazy to get up to turn it off.

    Drank straight from a communal carton or bottle to avoid getting a cup.

    Let your clothes pile on a single chair for weeks instead of putting them away.

    Slept among the mess on your bed instead of cleaning it.

    Left a new toilet paper roll on top of the holder instead of replacing the old one.

    Never washed your makeup brushes.

    Risked injuring yourself while stretching to reach something instead of getting up to go get it.

    Shoved your feet into sneakers instead of bending down to put them on.

    Stayed in the same spot all day and only moved to use the bathroom and raid the fridge/receive a food delivery.

    Thought about going to the gym but then never did.

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