If You’ve Done 19/37 Things On This List, You Are Definitely An American

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  • Seen a commercial for prescription drugs.

    Been required to pledge your allegiance to a flag in school.

    Drunk out of a red Solo cup.

    Heated water in a microwave.

    Seen a billboard for Jesus.

    Gone to a school that had a mascot.

    Smiled at a stranger you passed on the street.

    Struck up a conversation with a stranger.

    Had a garbage disposal in your kitchen sink.

    Been confused by the metric system.

    Been confused by temperatures in Celsius.

    Gotten a free refill at a restaurant.

    Ridden in a yellow school bus.

    Said «counterclockwise» instead of «anti-clockwise.»

    Gone Black Friday shopping.

    Used a bathroom stall with a large gap in the door.

    Cared about college sports.

    Been to a store that was open 24 hours a day.

    Taken a doggie bag home from a restaurant.

    Seen cheerleaders at a sporting event.

    Preferred your drinks with ice.

    Stored your eggs in the fridge.

    Pronounced the letter Z like «zee.»

    Referred to the main course of your meal as an «entree.»

    Blasted the AC until the room (or car) was frigid.

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