If You Have A Hard Bump On The Roof Of Your Mouth, You’re Part Of A Small Percentage Of The Population Who Does

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I thought everyone had this!

In today’s episode of «Things I Learned on TikTok,» we will be talking about your mouth. The roof of your mouth, to be exact.

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So, go ahead, run your tongue on the roof of your mouth right now. Is it smooth or is there a bump?


If you felt a bump, then you’re part of a small percentage of the population who has one. TikTok user @zoekwee recently discovered that not all people have this bump like she does:

So, as someone who also has the bump, I was hard blinking while watching the video. And I was surprised after neither my husband nor my son had it either. So I did some research:

Apparently, this ~bump~ is called torus palatinus and it is harmless. It is located in the middle of the hard palate and varies in size.

Krista Torres

Roughly, only 20–30% of the population has torus palantis, and it is most common in women and those who have Asian descent.

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Basically, it’s not that common, but it also isn’t something you need to worry about. PHEW! So, if you have one, carry on with your life knowing your mouth is sorta unique!!!


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