If You Do 18/35 Of These Things Then You Have Pretty Good Hygiene

"Вопрос не в том, кто мне разрешит, а в том, кто сможет мне запретить." Айн Рэнд ZM
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  • Brush your teeth after every meal

    Use something other than your hands to wash yourself

    Wash your legs in the shower

    Wash your feet in the shower

    Rinse off in the shower after taking a bath

    Change your underwear whenever you shower

    Wash your face more than once a day

    Wash your hands after you pee at home

    Wash your hands after you poop at home

    Clean the bathub/shower every week or more

    Wipe down the bathroom sink counter more than once a week

    Put on deodorant everyday

    Clip your nails once a week or more

    Wipe your butt with wet wipes

    Put paper/toilet seat covers on public toilets

    Use paper towel to touch public bathroom door handles

    Wash your hands before eating

    Wash or sanitize your hands after touching outside things (i.e. door handles, subway poles, bus poles, etc.)

    Don’t wear outside clothes on your bed

    Don’t allow pets on your bed

    Wash your bed sheets at least every two weeks

    Wash your shirts after wearing them once

    Wash your jeans after wearing a couple times

    Don’t eat food that’s touched the ground even if it was for a second

    Clean dishes right after they’re used

    Clean your phone at least every two weeks

    Don’t walk around the house barefoot

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