If You Check Off More Than 26/38 Things On This List, You’ve Suffered A Lot For Beauty

"Как только сами поверите, так и реальность поверит. И вот тогда случится чудо." Вадим Зеланд ©

  • Cut your private parts shaving.

    Had a nail break REALLY low down.

    Had a cuticle get inflamed after a manicure.

    Had the skin ripped off when you got your eyebrows waxed.

    Over-tweezed your eyebrows.

    Had razor burns from shaving any part of your body.

    Had wax burns from waxing any part of your body.

    Had a rash from a skincare product.

    Damaged your hair from dyeing it.

    Damaged your hair from heat styling it.

    Burned yourself while heat styling your hair.

    Fell while walking in heels.

    Hurt your ankle while walking in heels.

    Gotten a blister from wearing cute, but uncomfortable shoes.

    Had a mark on your belly from wearing tights.

    Had a mark on your chest from wearing a bra that was too tight.

    Ripped your jeans because you tried to fit into a pair that was too small.

    Gotten a stomach ache from wearing jeans that were too tight.

    Had a piercing that got infected.

    Had a piercing accidentally ripped out of your skin.

    Gotten sunburned while trying to get a nice tan.

    Had a spray tan that was too orange.

    Popped a pimple before an event and made it a lot more obvious than it was before.

    Broke out from wearing foundation in order to cover up another breakout.

    Had to wear a sexy but extremely uncomfortable pair of underwear all day because it was the only clean one you had.

    Gotten your hair stuck in your necklace.

    Gotten a ring stuck on your finger.

    Zipped your hair in your jacket.

    Gotten makeup in your eye.

    Gotten hairspray in your eye.

    Had a bad haircut that you had to suffer with for a long time because your hair takes forever to grow.

    Accidentally dyed your hair the wrong color.

    Had someone at a cosmetics store put too much makeup on your face.

    Spent multiple hours (perhaps, days) trying to perfect a makeup tutorial.

    Gave yourself a migraine from a strong perfume you were wearing.

    Hurt your teeth because you left teeth whitening strips on for too long.

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