If You Check Off More Than 16 Things On This List Then You’re Pretty Gross

"Исходя из сути и природы бытия, противоречий не существует. Проверьте исходные данные, одно из них неверно..." Айн Рэнд ©
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  1. Smelled your clothes to see if they were clean

    Gone several months without cleaning your makeup brushes

    Examined your pore strip after you took it off

    Borrowed someone else’s toothbrush

    Sniffed your armpit to see if it smells

    Picked your nose then looked at your finger

    Clipped your nails without picking up the remains

    Picked up crumbs that got on you and ate them

    Pulled out the hairs that got stuck in your butt crack after the shower

    Pulled out a wedgie in a public place

    Gone weeks without washing your bra

    Had fun popping your pimples

    Thrown loose hair strands on the shower walls

    Rarely washed your sheets

    Avoided washing your hands after you using the bathroom

    Told yourself you were just going to “soak” the dishes then left them there for a few days

    Bit the dead skin off your lips then ate it

    Scraped out dirt from your fingernails with your fingernails

    Smelled your fingers after you scratched your ears

    Cleaned your ears out then look at the Q-tip

    Gone days without washing your hair

    Smelled your shoes even though you knew they stunk

    Worn your dirty underwear inside out

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