If You Check Off More Than 16 Things On This List Then You’re Actually A Lazy Girl

"Сложнее всего начать действовать, все остальное зависит только от упорства." Амелия Эрхарт ZM
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  • Ate food that you had kept out for too long

    Wiped only specific spots instead of showering

    Worn underwear two days in a row

    Used one beauty product for three different things

    Worn clothes with stains on them

    Worn your bed clothes out in public

    Only shaved the parts of your body that show

    Used witch hazel instead of washing your face

    Worn socks with holes in them because you can’t find your other pairs

    Threw your hair in a messy bun because UDK what else to do

    Kept chipped nail polish on

    Used dry shampoo instead of washing your hair

    Sprayed perfume on instead of showering

    Used your floor as a wardrobe

    Laid on your bed and stared off into space after a shower

    Worn the same outfits because all your other clothes require ironing.

    Ordered takeout because you don’t want to cook the food you have

    Spent a ridiculous amount of time looking for a hair tie

    Used a makeup wipe instead of washing your face

    Not washed your bedsheets for over a month

    Mixed your clean and dirty clothes

    Panic-cleaned before people come over

    Hit the snooze button multiple times daily

    Worn your tampon or pad too long because you don’t want to change

    Decided your skincare routine is just soap

    Abbreviated words just so you don’t have to say the whole thing

    Not done laundry in months

    Bought new undergarments instead of washing the ones you have

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