If Marie Kondo’s Tidying Up Method Didn’t Work For You, This Decluttering Expert Says Her Approach Will

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So Tracy recognized these emotional attachments people had to their possessions and developed a different approach to decluttering. She found seven emotional “clutter blocks” — as she calls them in her book — that prevent people from getting rid of their stuff in order to become more organized. “I’ve found that all of us have at least one of these ‘clutter blocks,’ but some of us have more than one,” she said.

Tracy added that “clutter blocks” can also change as events happen in our lives, for example becoming a parent or dealing with death.

Ending tips and advice from Tracy:

– “For people who like to buy new clothes, start practicing ‘one in one out.’ If you buy a new top, get rid of one you don’t wear that much. But, I also invite those people to ask themselves if there is something they’re avoiding by spending their time shopping. Shopping is an activity that you get a dopamine hit from, so you’re scoring that deal or getting that cute top. I would say that there’s usually something else going on in those cases.”

– “Utilize the adjustable shelves in your cabinets!”

– “One mistake people make is that they go out and buy all the bins and containers before they start decluttering. In those cases, they just end up with bins and bins of stuff they didn’t get rid of or sort through.”

– “When you add a child into your life, you increase your possessions by at least 30%. So cut back on the toys and teach your kids to put things where they’re supposed to go. It makes it so much more fun for kids to know exactly where to go to get something. And parents need to know that this is not being anal. If you go to preschool, that’s how it’s done there.”

– “You don’t have to have a special method of folding! I fold my T-shirts just like they fold them at the Gap. I tried the KonMari (Marie Kondo’s trademarked folding method) and it looks adorable, but it’s not what I want to spend my time doing.”

– “Lastly, there really is no prescribed way to declutter. I’m not a minimalist and I’m not telling you to be a minimalist; I’m not telling you to throw everything away. Another way I differ from Marie Kondo is that I do want you to enjoy your home, but I also want you to use your home as a tool. It should be a place where you can rest and restore and get yourself out the door in a great way at the beginning of every day. I want your home to be functional for you.”

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