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"Не все эгоисты талантливы, но все талантливые люди — эгоисты." Всеволод Михальцев ©

«out of town» could mean anything from LA to Afton. We’re a big city with things that burn and a history of racial oppression. So of course we become a target, but I would doubt that many of the people here are really from that far away. I guess there could be people that come in from other major cities since they have no connection to what they try to burn.

There’s also always an escalation. Most of these riots don’t end with an entire city block on fire after the first night. There wasn’t any sign of rioting until an apartment building and a target burned down in Minneapolis. Yes, it takes time for «out of towners» to get here, but it’s more about the slow normalization of violence and looting. The more «normal» it becomes for rioting, the more dangerous it becomes until the rioters get scared or tired.

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