I Tried Using A Smart Lock And It Was Magical

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There are a lot of options to expand the features of the Smart Lock to do things like:

* Connecting it to the internet with the August Connect ($79) so that you can lock and unlock your door from anywhere.

* Setting it up with services like IFTTT so that your other smart appliances, like your lights, will turn on when you arrive home.

* Setting up a physical Keypad ($79) so that anyone you pass with a numeric code can get in without a smartphone.

Some uses to consider:

* Maybe you’re a realtor and want to use your phone instead of a million keys to access all your properties.

* Maybe you have guests over at your place often and want to give them a temporary key for a day so they can get in and out easily.

* Maybe you have a teenager that sneaks in late and you want the comfort of being notified when they come home. I use the log to see who’s still home and what time everyone left at.

* Maybe you are an Airbnb host and have to give someone access to your home for a day, you can just give them a key that will only work for the time they are staying.

If you’ve experienced any of the above, the August Smart Lock just might suit you.

What’s interesting is that it’s not really the product that is holding it back. It’s all the real life shit that gets in the way.

You’re going to have to STUDY YOUR DOOR to make sure it’s actually going to work for you. You’re gonna have to have conversations with other people to see if its OK to install. My Dad enjoyed using it! But my Mom just kept using the key.

Ask yourself this question. How badly do you want this? Are you willing to spend the time to make sure it’s installed properly? If you’re willing to spend the $229 dollars (plus possible other accessories) to get this, then you are probably the type of person who is willing to go all the way to make it work.

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