I Rented My Wedding Dress Instead Of Buying It And Here Are My Overall Thoughts

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Most of the dresses at the shop I went to came in the largest size available, then when you picked the one you wanted to rent, they would alter it to your size. I did have some anxiety about how well it would be altered, though. Typically, if you buy a dress, they order it in your size and alter it to your body if needed. Mine was going to be altered from a size very different than what I wore.


Note: I have read online that some rental shops are limited in the sizes of their rental dresses and what they can alter to.

Also, I would just like to say that every single one of my friends that have gotten married have bought their wedding dresses and been happy with their decision. I just wanted to share my experience with renting for anyone who is considering it. I also hope you aren’t ashamed – like I was – to tell people that you rented it if you decide to do so. Do whatever is best and most important for you!

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