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"Одна законченная результативная задача стоит полусотни полузаконченных задач." Малкольм Форбс ZM
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Cycle 3 (120-140)

Cycle 4 (100 on)

Up to 100 is easy with HS.

100: SMCX, Tapu, Gradchu, Primarina (10). Itemless 0 moves left. Much harder than I remember. Failed the first time. I doubt M+5 is safe since you’re relying on FE going off. Probably more worth it to fail itemless a bit. May be easy with HS team and M+5 if you’re gonna use it anyway. I’ll have to test that another cycle.

110: SMCX, Tapu, Tapu, Magnezone (22). Itemless 0 moves left, poor RNG. Glad I took my tapper advice. I don’t think it really made much of a difference here. One turn did like 70% of the HP honestly.

111-119: (Note) Bring Primarina to these stages. I did tapper, pika, treecko (beatstick), prima, but other teams also work. HS without Primarina works just as well, but I don’t have to farm XP with them so…

120: SMCX w roserade w turtwig jolteon, m5 3 moves left. Incredibly easy and very safe.

130: SMCX tapu tapu meganium dd m5 2 moves left. Decent RNG. Definitely need to get the bulk of the damage done through combos the first few turns.

131-139: bring primarina. My team was manectric, pika, magnezone, primarina

140: s-diancie w roserade jolt leaf ap m5 6 moves left. That’s overkill. Might be doable megaless honestly.


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