How Often Should I Clean These 15 Things In My Bathroom?

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But guess what: Your bathroom really needs to be cleaned at least once a week. Why? Well, everyone who enters your washroom leaves behind a unique germ passport. If you’re thinking, Gross, what’s that? — it’s their very own microbe goody bag that spreads throughout your teeth-brushing, face-washing, towel-drying space, and it can take up residence as staph in your tub.

So to avoid total lavatory germ-ageddon, we spoke with microbiologists Philip M. Tierno, PhD, and Charles Gerba, PhD, to get the dirt on, well, dirt. How often should you be cleaning certain items? What happens when you don’t? The truth of the matter is that you’ll most likely survive. “Your body has a natural immunity and normal flora that will compete with any intrusive organism,” Tierno says. “But practicing good personal hygiene is a must.”

And since we can’t live in a bubble, it’s easier to decrease the likelihood of getting sick by frequently washing your hands and home space. To avoid another dry cough that lasts for weeks, we’ve created this handy schedule for properly scrub-a-dub-dubbing your bathroom.

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