How Many Of These Lockdown Food Things Have You Done Since It Began?

"Если бы я спрашивал, чего хотят люди, они до сих пор ездили бы на повозках." Генри Форд ZM
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  • Made focaccia and tried to make it look pretty

    Whipped out the toastie maker and briefly become obsessed with it

    Tried to recreate your favourite fancy restaurant dinner at home

    Specifically attempted to recreate a sausage and egg McMuffin

    Grown your own herbs or vegetables

    Eaten a new pasta shape just because it was the only one available at the time

    Ordered a fruit and veg box

    Constantly checked if the fast food places near you are open yet

    Actually queued to get fast food

    Tried making no-yeast breads

    Baked three-ingredient cookies

    Baked three-ingredient brownies

    Recreated a meal from your primary school days

    Had a virtual dinner with someone

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    Really pushed the limits of what you can make with tinned tomatoes

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