Hongkongers quit WhatsApp and flock to Signal as privacy watchdog seeks extra time for users to decide on new terms

"Обладание всякого рода благами - это еще не все. Получать наслаждение от обладания ими - вот в чем состоит счастье." Пьер Бомарше ©

Hong Kong’s Privacy Commissioner has urged WhatsApp to clearly to explain their plans to share information about users with its parent firm, as some Hongkongers worried about safeguarding their data shift to other encrypted messaging apps. Since WhatsApp last week announced an update to its terms and privacy policy so it can share personal data with Facebook, social media users and influencers in Hong Kong have encouraged each other to move over to Signal. By Tuesday, Signal had topped Hong Kong’s app charts for both Android and iOS app stores. In a statement on Monday, Privacy Commissioner Ad…

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