"Ни разу не упасть — не самая большая заслуга в жизни. Главное каждый раз подниматься." Нельсон Мандела ZM
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  • HGgirlonfire commented on 18 TV Show Inconsistencies That Are Way More Frustrating Than They Should Be

    #14 is more of a historical error than an inconsistency

  • HGgirlonfire commented on People With Schizophrenia, What Do You Wish Your Loved Ones Would Understand?

    Yes! Please just treat us like you would anyone else and ask us if you have any questions, but respect the person’s decision to not answer if they’re not comfortable. I’m schizophrenic and I was very withdrawn before diagnosis, didn’t like anyone knowing much about me, etc. After


  • HGgirlonfire commented on LGBTQ People, Tell Us The Unique Way You Met Your Significant Other

    I met my girlfriend during my second year of uni. She was an international student from Italy and she was the most beautiful woman I’ve ever seen in my life. When I asked her name she said «Giovanna, Gi for short», to which I replied «I’m Taylor, T for short». It was the cringiest


  • HGgirlonfire commented on What Book-To-Movie Casting Did You Actually Kind Of Hate?

    Percy Jackson. Percy and Annabeth were supposed to be 12, but Logan Lerman and Alexandra Daddario were 18 and 24, respectively.

  • HGgirlonfire commented on People With Schizophrenia, What Do You Wish Your Loved Ones Would Understand?

    It is NOT a multiple personality disorder. I was diagnosed 4 years ago and my family still ask who they’re talking to.

  • HGgirlonfire commented on «Ratatouille» Is Packed Full Of Small But Impressive Details — Here Are 21 Of The Best Ones

    #19 was not a small detail. Unless those were giant rats, it was obviously a tiny, «rat sized» restaurant.

  • HGgirlonfire commented on Grocery Store Employees Definitely Hate You If You’ve Done 7/32 Of These Things During The Coronavirus Pandemic

    I have no choice but to pay in cash at the moment. I only have like £30 in my account, and for whatever reason, my card declines if I have less than £50. I’ve only been to the shop once, but I felt incredibly guilty about paying in cash.

  • HGgirlonfire commented on 15 Awkward College Moments That Are So College It’s Unspeakable

    When I was at uni, there was a house specifically for forensic students to practise gathering DNA evidence, carrying out psychological autopsies, etc. The tutors would go in the morning and set it up so that a victim had a good life so they’d probably been murdered, or they had a


  • HGgirlonfire commented on 18 Movies Scenes That Were So Bad They Almost Ruined The Whole Movie

    Lmao, at the end of the film, Janis tells Kevin that she’s Lebanese. I think that it was supposed to explain to viewers why Regina thought Janis was a Lesbian.

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