Here Are 21 Lip Products That Will Get Your Kisser Looking And Feeling Good

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Promising review: «I love red lipstick, so predictably, I loved this colour. It’s not very creamy, but that’s a nice change from some of the glossier red lip colours I typically wear. It did take several coats to get it to the intensity that I thought it deserved and to keep my lips from drying out (which they’re prone to do even without lipstick on), I put on some clear balm.»

—Natalie Brown

«This was probably the hardest and longest lipstick application I’ve ever endured. It was so dry and dragging on my lips, but at least it easily wiped off my skin when I went rogue. And though the entire time it was on my lips, it felt like it was sucking every bit of moisture out of them, I do LOVE the colour. It’s so fun and vibrant, and not nearly as clown-like as most true-reds look on me.»

—Lauren Paul

«Ruby Woo: You beautiful, dry desert oasis, you. Pros: It’s a gorgeous, bold shade (one that I think really ~does~ fit all) and the matte consistency means it’ll stay put. Cons: Applying this freehand was difficult AF for me. The formula is so dry and dense that to get the most out of it, you really need 1) a lip brush and liner, or 2) patience and skill. Unfortunately, I lacked all of the above. That said, I’d still break this out for special occasions — the colour was great.»

—Melissa Jameson

«Another MAC lipstick, Russian Red, is my go-to matte red, so I’ve been a fan of their formula for a while. Ruby Woo is such a beautiful, true red and really looked great on everyone. The formula is definitely somewhat drying, but it’s the kind of lipstick that makes you want to leave little kisses everywhere — from your coffee mug to the tissues you use to blot your lips.»

—Maitland Quitmeyer

Buy it from MAC for $30.

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