"Я ошибался, но я никогда не допускал ошибки, утверждая, что никогда не ошибался." Джеймс Гордон Беннетт ZM
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  • hawkeyefan0215 commented on What’s Your Favorite Acting Performance That Wasn’t Nominated For An Oscar?

    Emily Blunt in A Quiet Place! The fact that she wasn’t nominated, didn’t even get a NOD for best supporting actress was ridiculous to me. The movie itself is an excellent concept, and is heightened even more by the actor’s performances. I could really mention any one of the film’s


  • hawkeyefan0215 commented on Tell Us What Teen Drama Storyline Absolutely Infuriated You

    The whole Griffins & Gargoyles mess on Riverdale’s season 3. I had always loved the show because it dealt with murder mystery sort of things, which are always intriguing. However, season three dove into paranormal aspects that ended up being convoluted and ridiculous. Trying to


  • hawkeyefan0215 commented on What Is The Scariest Scene That Comes Out Of Nowhere In A Non-Horror Film?

    The scene from Coraline when her “parents” told her her eyes would be replaced with buttons. It’s a kids movie, but it might as well be a horror film! So many things in that movie were disturbing, but thinking about the button eyes gives me the creeps!

  • hawkeyefan0215 commented on What Are The Funniest «Harry Potter» Moments?

    Ugh autocorrect. I meant Ginny.

  • hawkeyefan0215 commented on What Are The Funniest «Harry Potter» Moments?

    In order of the Phoenix when the whole group was at the ministry of magic fighting dementors and Gunny cast a really powerful spell. Seeing the looks of shock on everyone else’s faces was priceless!

  • hawkeyefan0215 commented on Which Book Storylines Are You Still Upset Didn’t Make The TV Or Movie Adaptation?

    In the Crazy Rich Asians series, Astrids husband was never having an affair! The movies provided definite evidence that he was, but in the books he was helping out a female family member, and Astrid thought it was an affair. Granted, later on, Micheal ended up having a lot of problems,


  • hawkeyefan0215 commented on What Was A Bad Scene In A Really Good Movie?

    Sandys makeover in Grease. Though she looks like a badass, it totally undermines the films message when she changes we entire look for Danny and he didn’t do anything for her. Also the flying car. What the heck?

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