"Либо вы управляете вашим днем, либо день управляет вами." Джим Рон ZM
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  • grumpyscissors88 commented on 17 Actors Who Were So Freaking Good In Movies But Got Zero Credit For It

    thank youuuuu

    1 day ago

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  • grumpyscissors88 commented on What’s A Slept-On Song That You Absolutely Love But Not Many People Know About?

    gooey, pools, or your love(deja vu) by glass animals! seriously, those songs make me crazy. you can play them for anyone, and it’s just a feeling like no other

    1 day ago

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  • grumpyscissors88 commented on What’s Your Favorite Acting Performance That Wasn’t Nominated For An Oscar?

    Alan Rickman as Severus Snape in Harry Potter! Any of the movies in the franchise, as well. He gave the character so much more than met the eye, and I truly don’t think there is another actor who could have played Snape as well as he did. He added so much of his own touch to it, and


    7 days ago

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  • grumpyscissors88 commented on Which Love Songs Actually Have Some Pretty Dark Lyrics?

    in the night-the weeknd
    it’s got a super cool beat so i listen to it a lot and usually i never pay attention to lyrics, but this one is clearly about a girl who was sexually abused.

    3 months ago

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