Go green at home with these sustainable subscriptions

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During lockdown, few things raise the spirits more than a box full of lovely surprises in the post. And rather than adding to waste mountains or items you don’t need, carefully chosen lifestyle subscriptions can help you live more sustainably, too. These are the gift boxes that can both improve your life and limit their impact on the world.

  • Go green at home with these sustainable subscriptions

    1. Coffee

    Coaltown Coffee Roasters in South Wales launched to create jobs in an ex-mining town as well as teach about the benefits of fair and direct trade and the unique features and flavours of coffee from around the world. Its subscription model taps into this educational focus with plenty of information and two seasonal specialty coffees, ground according to customer preference.

    £14.40 a month; coaltowncoffee.co.uk

    London’s best coffee delivery services

    London’s best coffee delivery services

  • Go green at home with these sustainable subscriptions

    2. Seeds/plants

    Growing your own food is as mentally beneficial as it is practical. Seed Pantry helps demystify the process with step-by-step guides and deliveries at the right time of year to grow specific items. You can choose from food, flowers or a mixture of both. A brilliant way to start reaping the benefits of biophilic design.

    From £12.99 per month, free delivery; seedpantry.co.uk

  • Go green at home with these sustainable subscriptions

    3. Gifts

    If you like surprises and new ideas, or you want to treat someone else, check out Shorebox, whose range of subscriptions contains everything from lemongrass soap to luxury hot chocolate. It’s great for anyone who wants to live more consciously without forgoing treats.

    £56 for a three-month gift subscription (each box contains four items); shorebox.co.uk

    4. Books

    The Bookshelf’s Thoughtful book subscription does exactly as its name suggests, with personal packages tailored according to genre or reading preference (mother and baby, say, or nature lover). We like that it has pre-loved book options (for extra eco cred), and that all books come wrapped in recycled paper and British twine.

    From £10 per month; thoughtfulbooksubscription.co.uk

  • Go green at home with these sustainable subscriptions

    5. Skincare

    Detoxifying your bathroom cupboard is ever easier thanks to services such as the one from The Natural Wellness Box. The company offers a range of indulgent vegan and non-toxic skincare and beauty products with new things to try each month. It’s an easy and treaty way to discover cruelty-free and plant-based brands.

    From £37 a month per month (boxes contain up to eight items); naturalwellnessbox.co.uk

  • 6. Loo roll

    Did you know that more people in the world have mobile phones than toilets? Who Gives a Crap launched to try to address this problem – selling recycled toilet paper and donating 50 per cent of profits to organisations that deliver sanitation projects. You can buy by the box but its subscription package means you need never worry about running out again. Each roll comes wrapped in jazzy paper that provides excellent opportunities for lockdown crafting activities or that can be used as wrapping paper in the future.

    From £24 for 24 rolls, delivered at a frequency of your choice. Shipping is free and the code TP4EVA will get you a £5 discount on your first order. uk.whogivesacrap.org

  • 7. Home supplies

    Authentic House’s subscription boxes are completely plastic free and offer a service that aims to help people rework their habits, reduce waste and consider the impact of their way of life. You can select the area of your home you want to focus on and the size of the box you’d like, and then open it each month to discover naturally textured products such as reusable silicone food storage or linen bread bags.

    From £14 per month (for three to four products); authentichouse.co.uk

  • 8. Razors

    It’s estimated that around two billion disposable razors are thrown away each year. Take out a subscription with FFS (Friction Free Shaving) and you’ll get a reusable and stylish metal-handled razor (in an appealing colour of your choice) with four diamond-coated blades that you can replace according to the regularity of your shaving. FFS offers a blade-recycling service and a small selection of accompaniments, such as vegan shaving cream.

    £9 for a starter pack and then £9 per box; ffs.co.uk

  • 9. Cleaning

    For anyone wondering where to find the best non-toxic and plastic-free cleaning products that actually work, EcoVibe has taken away a lot of the hard work with selections of innovative products such as dissolvable laundry detergent strips. Subscriptions range from a beech toothbrush to a bumper cleaning box that contains all the basics you might need for eight weeks.

    From £31.49 for the bumper cleaning box (with up to six products), delivered every two months; ecovibe.co.uk

  • Go green at home with these sustainable subscriptions

    10. Toothbrushes

    As with buying loo roll, the best way to take advantage of a subscription service is to commit to something you would be buying anyway, such as toothbrushes. Truthbrushes are stylish and biodegradable and can be ordered according to colour and how many people live in your home.

    From £4 every three months; thetruthbrush.com

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