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"Единственное счастье в жизни — это постоянное стремление вперед." Эмиль Золя ZM
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I do martial arts. Common knowledge is a well applied choke can render another fighter unconscious in seconds. Here’s a fighter choking a man out after a 3 count to start the time. Yep, about 3 seconds and his eyes roll back. No trauma to the neck. Nothing is on the windpipe.

A poorly applied carotid choke will take longer. Instead of a total loss of circulation, there’s simply a net amount of bloodflow that will eventually lead to loss of consciousness. It might take 30 seconds if it’s reasonably well applied, or…9 minutes. You can still talk and get some air, but not enough long-term. Just like emphysema or Covid-19, being able to breathe and talk is not a sign that you’re breathing well enough to live. I say this because they tried defending that he could still talk, so he could still breathe.

That knee was lethal. Not doing CPR was lethal. There were so many places this could have at least not led to a man’s death, but none of that happened.

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