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"Веселые люди делают больше глупостей, чем печальные, но печальные делают большие глупости." Эвальд Христиан Клейсту ZM
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They deserve it, kinda curious why the officers didnt tackle some of them.

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Honestly at this point, I think they were just trying to deter them

That likely means they will eventually go there permanently. They are slow moving in US too. It took em forever to open in Texas.

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Yeah, they make sure that they have everything set up there first, including a fresh supply line less than a day away. They also don’t franchise, that way they keep everything family owned and as effective and high quality as they can.

Who is going to notice that buy the actual product? Are Americans, who know fuck all about the rest of the world, going to notice?

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Yikes man, you’ve got to be one of absolute slowest people I’ve ever seen in a comment section…

Gentlemen, we’ve had a good run, but in our hearts we all know the truth. The Star Wars films are and always will be superior. We fought well, but the day is last. It’s been a pleasure gentleman.

It’s funny how you guys complain about manipulation when that’s exactly what you have been doing with this shit the whole time. No one in their right mind actually puts the prequels above endgame if it wasn’t for the manipulation of this meme sub,

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I think Endgame is the weakest marvel movie. I absolutely put RotS above it.

RotS is unironically my favorite SW movie, and it’s not even very close.

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RotS is my favorite Star Wars as well with RotJ being a close second.

What about the empire strikes back

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I love the OT and the prequels

Any means necessary is obviously OP

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I can’t watch super after all the clickbait nonsense that he was doing when MK11 was still having things revealed

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That’s fair, I still enjoy his gameplay.

Don’t know about off videos but in videos that guy is a charm. Really pleasing good stuff he has. Also I come across so many “little” great channels for mk11 content. Check them out guys they’re great really. Zaar; NikkNitro; an erron black and a noob main.

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