"Неудача – это просто возможность начать снова, но уже более мудро." Генри Форд ZM
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  • gabrielebuttitta commented on LGBTQ People, Tell Us The Unique Way You Met Your Significant Other

    My gf and I met on a dating app for queer women… The incredible thing is that neither of us wanted to meet anyone! My best friend has downloaded that app on my phone, while my gf had downloaded it because someone told her there was someone on that app using her pictures! Then we


  • gabrielebuttitta commented on Tell Us Your Favorite Queer Books Written By LGBTQ Authors

    Over the top by Jonathan Van Ness

  • gabrielebuttitta commented on People Are Sharing The Worst Coworker They’ve Worked With And Wow, Just Wow

    My coworker found out I was a trans boy and started harassing me all day long with intrusive questions and unsolicited opinions. I ended up quitting the job not just for him, but knowing I didn’t have to see him anymore felt good ?

  • gabrielebuttitta commented on 18 Times Ross, Chandler, And Joey From «Friends» Were Problematic As Hell

    Am I the only one who doesn’t like Friends? Not even the «funny» parts make me laugh… It didn’t in the 90s and it certainly doesn’t now

  • gabrielebuttitta commented on How Has Coronavirus Affected Your Life Thus Far?

    I was just about to start hormone replacement therapy, the next step in my transition, when coronavirus spread in my country, Italy. Now we’re basically locked in our homes and doctors put my transition on pause… Which hurts, but I still have hope that this will be solved soon enough


  • gabrielebuttitta commented on Tell Us The Kid Characters In Movies Or TV Shows That Seriously Frustrate You

    Henry from Once Upon a Time! All the first two seasons he’s a pain in the ass and incredibly rude to the woman who raised him! Even if Regina was the Evil Queen, she had given him everything and he was just so ungrateful. He didn’t even believe that she could change after the curse


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