FURIA signs Junior to replace HEN1 for BLAST Global Finals

"Что разум человека может постигнуть и во что он может поверить, того он способен достичь." Наполеон Хилл ©

FURIA Esports has found a replacement for former AWPer Henrique «HEN1» Teles in Triumph’s Paytyn «Junior» Johnson. The Brazilian organization has acquired the AWPer ahead of BLAST Premier Global Final 2020. The organization took to Twitter to announce him as the team’s new AWPer. Junior’s move to FURIA had long been in the pipelines, and was reported by multiple sources after HEN1’s expressed his wish to play with his brother Lucas «LUCAS1» Teles. Junior expressed his happiness over joining his dream organization. Reports state that Junior’s discussions with FURIA had long been in the works du…

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