"Свобода ничего не стоит, если она не включает в себя свободу ошибаться." Махатма Ганди ZM
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  • Franky84 commented on Here Are A Handful Of Signs Of Postpartum Depression You Might Not Know Of

    Thankfully, PPD is treatable. Having a shit attitude and personality is harder to correct.

  • Franky84 commented on Plan Your Dream Wedding And We’ll Reveal The Cost Of Your Future Wedding Ring

    You got: $3,100. You’d pick an even pricier ring, but you don’t want to break the bank!

    Um…no, I wouldn’t. Add another $1,000 to that figure, and that was the cost of my ENTIRE WEDDING, RINGS INCLUDED.

  • Franky84 commented on 15 Tone-Deaf Things Celebs Have Said During The George Floyd/Black Lives Matter Protests

    See, this is what I’m talking about. Rather than people coming together for the sake of trying to fix something, nothing anyone does is good enough anymore. Everyone is trying to goddamn hard to be more woke than thou. It’s riduclous.

  • Franky84 commented on Believe It Or Not, This Quiz Will Reveal Your High School Superlative With 100% Accuracy

    You got: Best Person to be Stranded with on a Desert Island

    Is this a thing now? Like, is this actually in yearbooks?

  • Franky84 commented on What’s The Most Memorable Feud In Music History?

    You mean Courtney Love and EVERYONE? I don’t think I know of a single celebrity more hated amongst musicians than Courtney, LOL…

  • Franky84 commented on 17 Actors Who Were So Freaking Good In Movies But Got Zero Credit For It

    Not every actor cares about awards and accolades. It doesn’t make them a better actor to have a gold trophy sitting in their living room collecting dust. Some truly do it for the love of the craft and couldn’t give a rat’s turd about an award.

  • Franky84 commented on 26 Surprising Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Marilyn Monroe

    I know it’s fun to romanticize old Hollywood, but LORD, was it a messed up time. Women were constantly on diets, pills, and alcohol to keep them pretty, thin, and functioning, not to mention constantly harassed on set, off set, by whomever. It’s really scary to think that the whole


  • Franky84 commented on 21 «ANTM» Photoshoots That Helped No One’s Modeling Career, But Resulted In A Cool Pic

    How you going to include #1 WITHOUT JOANIE???? She had the BEST photo of them all! Sarah’s photo sucked.

  • Franky84 commented on 9 Times Queer Couples Were Done Right On Screen And 8 Times They Were Outright Robbed

    See, that’s where I first saw it, too. I didn’t know it was on cable or anything, LOL 🙂

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