Francesca From «Too Hot To Handle» Said Her Engagement To Harry Isn’t Official Yet

"Одна законченная результативная задача стоит полусотни полузаконченных задач." Малкольм Форбс ZM
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Harry and Francesca are one of the very few couples from Too Hot To Handle who are still going strong.

Despite the awkwardness of the proposal, Francesca said yes.


But in an interview with Variety, Francesca said the engagement isn’t official yet.

#TooHotToHandle: Harry proposed to Francesca on the reunion episode with a Ring Pop, but Francesca tells us they’re actually not engaged

“I asked him, like, ‘Are we engaged?’ And he’s like, ‘I asked you to marry me, so I don’t know,’” Francesca told Variety. «I think it definitely just needs to be done in-person, like a proper proposal. So, as of right now, no, we’re not engaged, for everyone who’s been asking.»

“I mean, we kind of are, but I don’t know. Because how do you really decide that via Zoom call? It’s hard to say. But we talked about it.»

Turns out, the Ring Pop was actually Francesca’s idea and Harry made the sweet gesture of remembering her request.

«We had a shared folder about wedding rings, and he kept saying, ‘What ring do you want?’ And I just said, ‘Oh, just get me a Ring Pop,’ so that’s what I said. So obviously, he planned it because he went out and got a Ring Pop.»

So even though the engagement isn’t 100% official, it looks like their marriage plans are pretty serious. Congrats to the good-looking influencers!

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